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Sleek & Beautiful

Entrepreneur, Counselor, and Educator

Providing online counseling, guided tours, and writing services

Professional Services

I have been working as a counselor and an online instructor for the last ten years. I became a full-time entrepreneur in January 2017 after leaving my job as a dissertation advisor. And through these new entrepreneural opportunities, I have developed a fond interest in providing travel guide services.

Sleek & Beautiful

Counseling & Empowerment

Need to make life changes but don't know where to start? I was there five years ago and I can proudly say that travel provided me the opportunities to create an ideal lifestyle.

Sleek & Beautiful

Travel Guide and Concierge

Colombia was rated the country to visit in 2017. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. I know my way around and have developed close relationships over the past five years of living in Colombia.

Sleek & Beautiful

Academic Writing and Editing

I completed my dissertation in six months because I listened to my chair's sage advice: Don't try to solve world peace with your first study! I'm bilingual, English and Spanish.