Professional Services

I’m an online mental health counselor and motivator. I have a Ph.D. in counselor education, a masters degree in rehabilitation counseling, a bachelors degree in rehabilitation services, and an associates degree in design. Here is a snapshot of who I am as a person and a professional:

  • Future-oriented (My intuition has helped me improve my skill in forecasting)
  • An entrepreneurial spirit (I’m not afraid to challenge the norm and act on my opinions)
  • Systemic thinker (I’m good at seeing the whole picture and its’ parts)
  • Pragmatic liberal (I think progressively with limits)
  • A devil’s advocate (I love a good debate, whether I’m for it or against it)
  • Loyal friend (I have the same group of friends for 20 and 30 years now)
  • Subscribe to an Adlerian worldview (Mental health through social interest and integration with community)

I provide the following services:

  • online counseling
  • dissertation coaching and editing
  • proofreading services for non-English speaking professionals
  • subject matter research
  • travel guide

My knowledge areas are the following:

  • adjustment issues
  • entrepreneurship
  • clinical mental health counseling
  • vocational rehabilitation counseling
  • life transition
  • developmental issues
  • third culture kids
  • relationship issues
  • cyberculture
  • disability
  • Latino cultures
  • LGBT
  • non-traditional families
  • men and masculinity issues
  • social justice issues
  • social media networks
  • technology

My rates are the following: Professional counseling services. Initial 15 minute free consultation; $50 for every 30 minutes.

Dissertation coaching and editing fees are based on type of study but average flat rates are usually around $300 per chapter.

Proofreading and subject matter research services: Initial 15 minute free consultation; Rates based on Editorial Freelancers Association

Travel guide services in Northern Colombia are custom-tailored to individual or groups. Rates will vary.

Billing: U.S., foreign and travel medical insurance not accepted. Payment expected before services are initiated or based on contract agreement. 30% student discount.

Method of Payment: Paypal or Google Wallet